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Holly Springs Rules & Regulations For Political Signs

Political Signs

Political Sign Guidelines

In order to protect the safety and general welfare of all residents and visitors to Holly Springs during this political campaign season, we are providing the following information regarding the posting of political signs within the corporate limits of the Town of Holly Springs.

Vehicle Signs:

 There are no restrictions regarding vehicle signage for Political Campaigns during the election season.

Right-of-Way Signs:

 Political signs are allowed to be located within the public right-of-ways in Holly Springs 45 days prior to the election and must be removed within 7 days after the election. Signs shall not exceed 6 square feet in area and signs for the same candidate/issue should be placed 500’ apart.
  • Outside of a residential subdivision

    - shall be placed a minimum of 5’ from the curb or edge of pavement, whichever is further and out of any required site distance triangles at intersections and driveways.
  • Within a residential subdivision

    - may be located between the curb and sidewalk (less than 5’) provided that they are out of any required site distance triangles at intersections and driveways.
For any questions regarding Right-of-Way signage, contact the Department of Building Code Enforcement at 919-557-3915.

Private Property Signage

  • Residential Subdivisions

    - The Town of Holly Springs does not have any specific regulations related to political signs on private property located within residential subdivisions.
  • Commercial or Undeveloped Properties (permits required)

    - Must adhere to the Temporary Signage guidelines of the Town of Holly Springs Unified Development Ordinance.
For any questions regarding Private Property signage, contact the Department of Planning & Zoning at 919-557-3908.

In accordance with Town Ordinances, if a sign is located so as to interfere with a required vision clearance triangle or has imminent impacts on the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorists the Town reserves the right to remove the sign and will notify the candidate so that they can retrieve their sign from Town Hall.