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Holly Springs Chatter

The Great Inflatable Race for Adults is Coming to Holly Springs

Almost everyone remembers being a kid and going to a birthday party or event where there was a bounce house. Once you become an adult, though, that's not something you see very often. So, when you're searching for fun things to do in North Carolina and find an inflatable obstacle course, it may catch your eye.

That's why so many people are excited for The Great Inflatable Race taking place in Holly Springs, North Carolina, on May 2. This ultimate, gravify-defying race is going to be held at Sugg Farm at Bass Lake Park.

It will run from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., so make sure you get there bright and early.

This event might just make you feel like a kid again. You'll get to run through a giant inflatable obstacle course to get to the end of the race.

However, there are so many fun spots where you can bounce around that you may not be in that much of a hurry to cross the finish line.

Registration for this race costs $29.99 for one person. If you go in a group of more than three people, though, you can get a discounted ticket price of just $24.99. That's a great reason to bring some friends with you.

Price: $29.99

When: May 2

Address: 2401 Grigsby Ave., Holly Springs, NC

Why You Need To Go: You can run around and bounce like a kid again at this giant inflatable obstacle course.