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Internet slow downs affecting areas as gaming and video streaming rise

Your eyes are not deceiving you as your web browser freezes or buffering interrupts the program you are streaming. The internet is slowing down.

Demand for internet services from streaming to telecommuting as the coronavirus continues to spread is driving down internet speeds by a significant margin in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Charlotte and Winston-Salem, according to a new broadband analysis site.

However, access in Durham and Greensboro remains “in range” of previous measurements, the report notes.

Raleigh, Charlotte and Fayetteville are three of only 14 cities where speeds were found to have dropped more than 20 percent, BroadbandNow says.

The average speed in Wilmington dropped 6 percent.

BroadbandNow focuses on helping consumers find Internet Service Providers.

Demand is certainly growing. Verizon, for example, reported a 20 percent jump in traffic last week. AT&T told CNN that its network is “performing quite well,” but also said it is seeing some stress as more people work from home.

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