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Apex Friendship High School principal creates 'Class of 2020' wall for seniors

It's very likely that Apex Friendship High School Principal Matt Wight won't be able to hand out diplomas to his graduating high school seniors this year -- so he found another way to honor them.

Over a span of 10 hours and several days, Wight used a Sharpie to write almost 600 names on an empty wall. He used a ladder and a ruler to make the handwritten mural not only sentimental but a beautiful work of art.

Sydney Turner, one of the school's 590 graduating seniors, created an emotional video chronicling Wight's act of kindness.

"Whenever anybody asks me about the best part of my job, without hesitation, I say it's handing diplomas to the graduating seniors at commencement," Wight says in the video, which has clocked over 16,000 views on YouTube. "It's a tangible, personal moment, it's unique, and it's the high point of the school year for me."

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